Month: November 2017

Impulse Buys gone bad, and Debt Relief Programs to the Rescue!

So, I recently started talking to this credit card debt relief Company, who I am really starting to trust, because they have been really smart about their services, and how helpful they have been with me as well. I’ve been looking through several credit card debt relief programs lately, because I just have not been having a good time managing my credit card.

I’ll admit, I’m an impulse buyer. I’m a moody buyer. When I feel down, I want to go shopping. When I feel happy, I want to go shopping as well. A lot of times, I want to eat out, and eat somewhere good, and sometimes it’s just a bit more expensive than I realize, and so, I tend to charge it to my credit card as well, thinking I can pay it off by my next paycheck. Next thing I know, my credit card has been used so many times in a week, and then in two weeks, and then up to one month, and so on. And finally, it’s reached a point where I cannot pay for what I had bought!
Ugh, that got me so pissed off with myself! Why did I have to go buy all these things, or eat so much expensive food, or even go out to these places not realizing that I had no money to actually pay for anything? I got really sad, and then, that tempted me to go shopping again. But NO! I had to stop. I knew it was not going to be a good result if I just kept myself in the cycle.

I had to step out of it, unwillingly. And now, I’m taking the next step with going through the credit card debt relief companies, and programs, to see what would be the best one for me, and what payment terms I can agree to, and I’m pretty confident, that I will be able to work it out, especially because I have a good feeling about this one. I’ll let you know how it turns out!